The app Headspace teamed up with airline Virgin Atlantic to offer sleep meditation on flights for passengers and crew members to manage jet lag.

Sleep by Headspace launched worldwide in September 2018 and is specifically tailored to create the ideal conditions for a healthy, restful sleep. The Headspace Sleep team developed the new collection based on prototypes tested with real users, as well as a review of existing clinical research.

Headspace first teamed up with Virgin Atlantic in 2011, when the airline first launched guided meditation content as part of their inflight entertainment program to help passengers manage travel-related stress while onboard.

Now, Virgin Atlantic will also offer six of Headspace’s most popular Sleepcasts, Sleep Sounds and Wind Downs to help passengers get some rest while in-flight.

“We are thrilled to expand our partnership with Virgin Atlantic to address one of the most crucial roles in employee wellbeing and productivity: sleep,” Dan Kessler, vice president of Global Business Development at Headspace, says in a statement. “We have already seen positive results such as an increase in focus and productivity by providing Headspace to the Virgin Atlantic pilots, crew and staff as they manage workplace stress and jet lag. We’re excited to provide Sleep and other Headspace mindfulness content to passengers as they go through the heavy summer travel season.”