A Raw Story news report details how members of the transhumanism movement are striving to sleep less but still reap the positive benefits using aids such as drugs and technology.

Other sleep-enhancing devices are on the horizon. Giovanni Santostasi, a neuroscientist at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, claims he can improve sleep through sound and EEG measuring. His gadget reads a subject’s specific EEG frequencies and delivers appropriate sounds to enhance slow-wave sleep.

Santostasi explains, “It recognizes the different stages and, during slow-wave sleep, it uses an algorithm called Phase Locked Loop that locks to the individual waves and presents an acoustic stimuli at the right phase of the wave. The sound is a short burst of pink noise that is synchronized to the waves.”

Using this stimulation method, Santostasi says it’s possible “you could do with less sleep.” Furthermore, he’s looking at sleep and memory. Based on a small study he conducted in Chicago, he says, “with changes in the EEG…subjects perform better in memory and cognitive tests we give them…in comparison with baseline conditions.”

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