According to The Telegraph, a research study from the Royal Society for Public Health shows that Brits are losing an entire night’s sleep every week.

The average adult sleeps for 6.8 hours a night, below the 7.7 hours people feel they need, the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) said.

This amounts to losing an entire night’s sleep over the course of a week, it said.

The RSPH, which represents around 6,000 public health specialists, said that poor sleep has been linked to a range of conditions as it called on the Government to introduce national sleep guidance.

“We do need to wake up to the benefits of sleep – there is a wealth of evidence that lack of sleep is damaging the public’s health,” said Shirley Cramer chief executive of RSPH.

“Poor sleep and sleep disorders impact on our ability to lead a healthy lifestyle and are associated with a range of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart attack and depression.

“Our research shows there is a gap in how much sleep the public are getting compared to how much they need.

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