A national survey in the UK reveals the sleeping habits of residents, including the quality of sleep and what they wear to bed.

Are you a naked sleeper, or are you partial to an sleeping outfit that covers every inch of skin?

Research shows the former are most likely to come from the East of England where 36% of people love to sleep in the buff .

Meanwhile the Scots score highest for donning tracksuits, dressing gowns, hoodies and socks in bed.

The study, conducted by The Wool Room, showed that while those in the East are sleeping starkers, it’s those in the North East that are the most frisky, with 16% claiming to have sex in order to fall asleep.

Meanwhile in Wales, 16% opt for an alcoholic drink to put them into a deep slumber.

Being too stressed to fall asleep came out on top of a list of contributors to a poor night’s sleep, with people in Northern Ireland suffering the most at 68%.

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