SleepRate, a complete kit designed to improve sleep, monitors a person’s sleep and incorporates sleep assessment checks and a sleep improvement plan to help change sleep habits, as reported by Kim Komando.

First, you buy the SleepRate Sleep Improvement Kit, which features an app and a heart-rate sensor that straps around your chest. The sensor keeps track of your heart rate, movement, snoring and any noises that happen in your room while you sleep. It sends that information to the app, which gives you a “sleep assessment.”

The sleep assessment checks to see if you might have any medical condition that needs the attention of a doctor, and generates a personal sleep improvement plan based on your individual sleep patterns.

The sleep improvement plan features small day-by-day changes based on proven data from the Stanford Sleep Clinic. It also licenses Stanford’s Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia, for people who find they can’t sleep the entire night.

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