Music Times reports that musician Bob Dylan will receive a new Sleep Number adjustable bed following a GoFundMe campaign.

Bob Dylan has given us a lot over the years from great music to snarky press interviews, but when have we ever given back? On Aug. 3, the popular satire website Clickhole launched a GoFundMe campaign to purchase a new Sleep Number adjustable bed for the legendary artist. Apparently Clickhole feels Dylan could use a better nights sleep.

The campaign set a goal of $1,360, which was exceeded by a couple hundred dollars to come to $1,555 in 14 days by 156 backers. The extra funds went to a specialized Bob Dylan duvet. Dylan loves duvets.

Over the weekend, the bed officially shipped with a personalized remote that read “Hi Bob” and should arrive at his Columbia Records office in New York on Tuesday (Aug. 18).

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