What’s scarier than all the tricks and decorations out on Halloween? Trying to get your kids to sleep after a long, sugar-powered evening of trick-or-treating.

“Halloween can have some scary effects on sleep,” New York-based sleep researcher, Dr. Alicia Chung said. “This night of fright and festivities can end up keeping your kids awake long past their normal bedtime and wreak havoc on their sleep routine. The loss of even an hour of sleep is hard on the body and children are particularly vulnerable.”

So what are some tips to make sure all the little ghosts and goblins out there get a good night’s rest come October 31? Check out these tips:

Preplan when you will call it a night and head back home for bedtime. Halloween is centered around late-night activities, which means you need to plan ahead. This is especially important as Halloween falls on a school night this year. Be conscious of your child’s normal pre-bed routine and the time they typically turn in and do your best to stick with that schedule as closely as possible.

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