Linde Healthcare Middle East unveiled its Integrated Sleep & Respiratory Care Centre concept at Arab Health 2015 in January at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre.

The Sleep & Respiratory Centre in Abu Dhabi is one of its kind in the UAE and will be the largest independent sleep diagnostic and treatment center in the region. It has been established in order to further research into sleep disorders.

Linde Sleep & Respiratory Centre will offer a “hotel-cum-home like” environment for the comfort of its patients, in which their conditions can be assessed, investigated, and treated. Using the latest sleep diagnostic equipment, the American Board certified physicians and sleep technologists are able to offer a variety of procedures that follow American Academy of Sleep Medicine standards.

Ali Hamdani, managing director, Linde Healthcare Middle East, says in a release: “We are delighted to announce the opening of our Sleep and Respiratory Care Centre at Arab Health 2015. Sleep disorders are still a relatively unknown and uncharted area of medicine but, because of the distress they cause to the individual and the financial losses potentially incurred as a direct result of sleep problems, it’s becoming ever more apparent that this is a vital area of research. Linde Sleep and Respiratory Care Centre is our first major project in the region forming a platform to develop a complete respiratory care program. We aim to contribute significantly in the future of this exciting and innovative branch of medicine.”

At the exhibition, Linde Healthcare Middle East demonstrated how sleep studies are conducted and explained the various areas that are studied during an investigation and diagnosis. Visitors discovered more about how Linde Healthcare Middle East is laying foundations for the future in sleep research.