Castellón, Spain-based company Medco Health has developed a telemedicine-based assistance system  that allows an online daily monitoring of people with sleep apnea.

The telemedicine system includes a protocol for monitoring patients with scheduled visits and the online daily monitoring of CPAP devices, which inform the members of the sleep-disordered Breathing Unit of Medco on the use of the device by the patient, as well as on leaks, airflow, and other parameters. Moreover, the developers emphasize, “Patients will be aware of their treatment control parameters monthly, helping them to make reference in their improvement process with treatment, beyond the pure comfort and relaxation that the use of CPAP provides to the quality of life of the person.”

On the need for moving forward in data collection and research in this area, Medco Health highlights the usefulness of the daily monitoring system developed, which allows it to “create a larger database on which to investigate and make progress in the empty areas that medicine still has in the field of sleep.”

Generally, devices for home studies only show the signal of snoring through graphics. With the audio playback function of NOX-T3 device used by the company, sounds are also recorded.