Guidepoint Global LLC, New York, launched Sleep Apnea Tracker—a monthly longitudinal data release that monitors and projects trends and market share in the global sleep apnea market.

The Sleep Apnea Tracker captures actual patient usage for 87 different sleep apnea mask brands sold in the United States from 15 different equipment providers.

"Historically, sleep apnea has been a challenging area to follow, and anecdotal evidence of the state of the market was all people could rely on," said Maxim Jacobs, senior analyst at Guidepoint Global. "Guidepoint’s new Sleep Apnea Tracker will provide followers of the sleep apnea market a more systematic way to analyze the area, and supply them with almost 4 years of historical data with which to extract lessons on the trajectory of new product launches within the market."

Sleep Apnea Tracker is Guidepoint’s 27th tracker, a collection of novel research products that monitor trends and market share in select medical technology and therapeutic industries.