The Manchester Evening News reports that UK company BrightHR has introduced nap time for employees in order to try and boost productivity.

A city centre business is encouraging staff to sleep on the job!

BrightHR has introduced ‘nap-time’ for employees in a bid to boost productivity, and has even created a new sleep room in their office to allow staff to take part in a pioneering new study to test the power of napping on the job.

Working with leading bed makers Silentnight and their resident sleep expert Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, BrightHR is one of the first UK companies to trial the benefits of ‘sleeping on the job’ and having a power nap.

Opening up a nap room in its Manchester office, the company is encouraging staff to come and take a short sleep during working hours.

The nap-room has been specially designed to have a soporific effect on participants, with temperature, lighting and ambience all created to induce sleep quickly.

A king size bed, with the latest mattress technology has also been installed to ensure that employees enjoy the most restful nap.

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