Andreas Lubitz, the Germanwings co-pilot suspected to have crashed Flight 9525 in 2015, complained of deteriorating health (including insomnia) before the crash, reports the International Business Times.

The email was dated March 10, 2015, just two weeks before the crash in the French Alps. Authorities have so far said that Lubitz is believed to have initiated the descent after practicing it on a previous flight. Reports last July said, citing an investigation by France’s BEA, that Lubitz is believed to have locked the captain out of the cockpit and rammed the plane into a mountain.

“The University Hospital says there are no findings that can explain my altered vision. Unfortunately, since we began making tests, it’s been worsening and I’m not able to see clearly in bright light, which I think is further affected by stress and lack of sleep,” Lubitz wrote in the email, according to Russia Today that cited Bild, adding that Lubitz had increased the dosage of anti-depressants prescribed to him to twice the amount. He also reportedly blamed the drug for loss of sleep and panic attacks.

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