The device utilizes 40 Hertz gamma sound and light therapy to improve sleep quality by synchronizing brain frequencies with beat sounds and optional light flashes.

Summary: Adaptive Sound Technologies Inc has launched Sound+Therapy, a device that uses 40 Hz gamma sound and light therapy to promote better sleep. It replicates ancient sound therapy techniques with proprietary beat sounds to aid relaxation and improve sleep quality. The device features customizable light flashes, sound beat synthesizers, and maintains precise calibration for effective therapy. A clinical study showed significant improvements in sleep maintenance and efficiency among users.

Key Takeaways: 

  • The Sound+Therapy device by Adaptive Sound Technologies Inc utilizes 40 Hertz gamma sound and optional gamma light flashes, designed to improve sleep by aligning brain frequencies with these therapeutic sounds and lights, potentially benefiting users with conditions like insomnia and PTSD.
  • A clinical study involving 34 participants over 163 nights demonstrated that the Sound+Therapy device significantly improved sleep quality compared to a control group. The study highlighted enhancements in sleep maintenance, reduced awakenings after sleep onset, and increased overall sleep efficiency.
  • Sound+Therapy is engineered to stay within 0.005 Hz calibration accuracy and includes four different sound beat synthesizers, nine volume levels, optional light synchronization with four brightness levels, a fan sound mode, a sleep timer, and a headphone jack. 

Adaptive Sound Technologies Inc (ATSI) has launched its latest science-backed Sound+Therapy device, a bedside device that uses 40 Hertz gamma sound and light therapy to promote better sleep.

The sleep solution replicates ancient sound therapy techniques by generating proprietary “beat sounds” with a frequency that has been shown in multiple studies to promote sleep and relaxation. Due to the complexity of producing these custom beat sounds, ASTI sound experts have developed a specialized speaker that can generate this low frequency at an affordable cost. 

40 Hz, also called Gamma sound therapy, reinforces naturally occurring frequencies in the brain that are important for various cognitive functions. The brain is an electrochemical organ that responds to both electrical and chemical stimulation. The benefits of 40 Hz frequency therapy have been the focus of several human sleep studies.

“Sound+Therapy is our first sound machine designed to help people who have tried everything they can get their hands on to sleep, but nothing works for them,” says Sam Nicolino, president and CEO of ASTI, in a release. 

Optional gamma flashing lights can be added in with the beat. There are five light options: no flash and four different brightness options. The light flash synchronizes to the beat.

Clinical Efficacy and Expert Testimonials

“My experience with Sound+Therapy dates to approximately the last four years. I have advocated its use in more than a dozen people with refractory insomnia, several of whom had severe post-traumatic stress disorders related to war-related conditions,” says Michael Hoffmann, MD, PhD, professor of neurology at UCF College of Medicine, in a release. “Anecdotally, the majority experienced a profound improvement using the device, with some reporting several hours of restful sleep for the first time in many years to decades.”

Commenting on a clinical study done on Sound+Therapy, Jonathan Berent, CEO and founder of Nextsense, says in a release, “In a placebo-controlled study by 34 participants with over 163 nights of sleep, we’ve observed a significant improvement in sleep quality among participants. We found a distinct difference in sleep patterns when compared with the control condition by analyzing EEG readings using AI-driven models, including gradient boosting and deep sequence learning approaches. Notably, there was a marked enhancement in sleep maintenance, with a reduction in awakenings after the onset of sleep and an overall increase in sleep efficiency.”

Sound+Therapy is designed to stay self-calibrated within 0.005 Hz and comes with a variety of useful features:

  • Four different sound beat synthesizers
  • Nine calibrated volume levels for sleep studies and caregiver ease
  • Beat sounds are pleasing and bend into the background
  • Optional synchronized light flash with four Gamma light flash levels
  • Optional fan sound masking mode
  • Sleep timer and headphone jack

This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  

Photo caption: Sound+Therapy

Photo credit: Adaptive Sound Technologies Inc