For obstructive sleep apnea patients impacted by the Philips recall, Panthera Dental has issued a statement saying its digital production process allows for increases in production capacity for its custom-made Digital Sleep Apnea Devices (D-SADs) while maintaining 10-day turnaround times for the devices.

“We want to support healthcare professionals by helping to minimize the interruption in treatment for sleep apnea patients. Our CAD/CAM oral appliances are produced with an advanced digital process that we developed and refined over 10 years working with sleep dental experts in North America,” says Beatrice Robichaud, co-founder and VP marketing & customer experience at Panthera Dental, in a release.

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“Our Manufacturing 4.0 technology gives us the flexibility to respond to a crisis, allowing us to simultaneously increase production capacity while maintaining a fast 10-day turnaround, without compromising on quality or precision. Indeed we responded in a similar way in 2018, helping to ensure that no patient was left behind when ResMed ceased distribution of their nylon oral appliance in North America.”