Whole You Inc will add two new oral appliances to its sleep apnea therapies portfolio— Respire Pink AT (Advanced Titration) and Respire Pink EF AT—to be released on Sept 15.

The PDAC-approved Respire Pink AT and Respire Pink EF AT have a new hinge, including a new titration key, that is designed for precise adjustments, whether by chairside or via a telemedicine appointment.

On Sept 15, Whole You is also updating its customer experience. The first update is an extension of its product warranty to three years for any new orders received after Sept 15 across its portfolio of oral appliances, including Respire Blue+, Respire Blue EF+, Respire Pink Micro, and Respire Pink EF Micro, as well as TMD devices. The second update is the launch of the all-new Whole You customer portal that offers a one-stop solution for case tracking, shipping label printing, payment, and resource ordering for dental practices.

“We pride ourselves in creating exceptional products that enable patients to be treated in the best way possible,” says David Walton, CEO of Respire Medical, in a release. “The launch of these new offerings will enable a more streamlined customer experience, for both doctor and patient.”