Sleep apnea therapy maker Oventus Medical Ltd has put into place initiatives to enable its lab-in-lab sites to continue to identify obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) patients for treatment. Oventus has moved to provide online or phone consultations (telehealth) to complete verification as required to have a payer cover device costs and to schedule appointments for patients to be scanned for Oventus oral devices.

The Oventus lab-in-lab model had been implemented across 14 sites prior to the outbreak of COVID-19. Oventus is now working with customers across those sites using its telehealth model to screen and book patients in to receive treatment as soon as the relevant sites are able to safely deliver treatment. While patient bookings for scans slowed through March and early April, the conversion rate in terms of the number of bookings for new devices has increased, supported by the implementation of telehealth.

Telehealth consultations are driving a growing pipeline of scan appointments with booking times being adjusted regionally to correspond with the reopening of businesses across North America.

In the event that patients cannot attend clinicsin any particular region for an extended period, a homecare service has also been launched. Under the homecare service, a clinician will visit the patient’s home to obtain the records required for an Oventus O2Vent device, which can be produced and delivered directly to the patient.

Patient bookings since the pandemic took effect in mid March have now exceeded the last full month of normal operations in February. Patient flow is expected to increase further as regions lift the sheltering orders currently in place.

Oventus CEO Chris Hart, M.Phil, BSc, BDSc, says in a release, “As literature continues to highlight that CPAP may contribute to COVID-19 spread, effective alternative OSA treatments are being sought. Oventus technology is increasingly in the spotlight, and this is driving further demand for our lab-in-lab model from sleep groups, dentists, and first responders.”

The Oventus team has been training customers remotely to enable the full launch of four additional Lab in Lab sites, with two locations in Tennessee and two locations in South Carolina.