Increasing awareness regarding the benefits of using oral appliances over CPAP or surgery for obstructive sleep apnea and the realization that CPAP or surgery may not be the right option for everyone are two factors working favorably for the oral appliances market through the year 2026, according to a new report by Transparency Market Research. Over the next few years, the market is expected to gain from the rising prevalence of sleep apnea globally, improvements in reimbursement scenario concerned with these devices, and availability of a wide variety of products in varying cost ranges, according to the report.

But, Transparency Market Research notes, the market may still struggle to cope with challenges such as a massive lack of awareness among patients regarding such products, especially in emerging economies; dismal reimbursement scenario in several regional markets; and side effects of oral appliances, such as tooth and jaw discomfort, dry mouth, and excessive salivation. “Nevertheless, growth opportunities can emerge through marketing strategies aimed at educating healthcare providers and patients and the development of referral networks,” the authors note.