Zephyr Sleep Technologies, marketers of the MATRx system that identifies patients who will be successful with oral appliance therapy while establishing the protrusive position of the lower mandible for effective therapy, has ceased operations. The closure was effective June 25, 2021.

In an email blast, the company’s CEO Paul Cataford said,

“The COVID 19 pandemic has had a material impact on a number of businesses all over North America and in particular, the dental services and products industry. Zephyr Sleep Technologies was impacted more than other companies as we are relatively new and like most earlier stage companies, have limited cash resources to maintain operations during a prolonged downturn. We entered 2020 with ambitions to having over 1,200 MATRx plus systems in service by the end of the year and to be on a sustainable footing; however circumstances forced us to downsize operations, conserve cash and look to raise new funds. Unfortunately for all of us, efforts to raise additional equity capital over the last 9 months have been unsuccessful, despite some encouraging signs that the market was beginning to recover. We have fully exploited all government COVID support programs and have now depleted all of our cash resources and are now forced to close down our manufacturing, support, quality management systems and reporting, IT and operations effective June 25th.”