CPAP machines are the most commonly prescribed solutions, but oral appliances are gaining steam as treatment options. Dental Products Report asks: How is dentistry adapting to this revenue stream—and how is dentistry saving lives?

Today, CPAP masks are far more common, but due to increased awareness of oral appliances as an alternative and the lack of patient compliance with CPAP masks, that will likely change.

Research analyst Tara Shelton states that in 2020, the U.S. market will be double what it was in 2012.3  “Due to the large difference in market size and maturity, there is also less evidence supporting OAs as a first-line treatment when compared to PAP,” Shelton writes. “Only a select population will tolerate and consistently use PAP, and with increasing evidence, OAs could be positioned to consumers, clinicians and payers as a primary method of treatment for sleep apnea.”