Bedtime for Sarah Sullivan, a new children’s book app created by Kelly McMahon and inspired by her husband, actor Julian McMahon, and his close relationship with daughter Madison (“Maddy”), is now available.  The Bedtime for Sarah Sullivan app, based on the award-winning book of the same name, offers a positive twist on traditional bedtime stories with an emphasis on a rewarding interactive experience. It’s downloadable on iOS for Apple, Google Play for Android, and Kindle for a special back-to-school price of $2.99.

Bedtime for Sarah Sullivan offers three storytelling modes: Read To Me, Auto Play, and Read By Myself. Each of the 32 imaginative interactive pages features objects and/or characters that make sounds, move, or speak upon touch. Julian provides the voice of the father and the Queen’s gnome while Maddy brings to life the character of Sarah, a modern girl who is outgoing, bold, and expressive. Three in-app games challenge, educate, and entertain young readers: Queen’s Party, Jungle Explorer, and Dream Drawings.

“Recent studies show that the 30 minutes before bedtime can significantly affect a child’s tomorrow, setting the stage for a happy and successful next day,” says Kelly McMahon, Bedtime for Sarah Sullivan author, in a release. “This inspired me to create a positive storytelling environment. Along with the activities, the app is designed to empower young girls and boys from an early developmental age with a nightly bedtime ritual of practiced positive imagination.”

“Reading at bedtime is such a great way to connect with your children, creating new adventures and memories,” says Julian McMahon. “It’s a daily ritual I enjoyed with Maddy and hope other parents can have the same wonderful experience through the Bedtime for Sarah Sullivan app.”

Bedtime for Sarah Sullivan is the first book in the Sarah Sullivan series and captures the magical hour that happens every night at bedtime, when kids “try” to go to sleep. Sarah is a bright confident girl with a keen sense of adventure who likes herself for who she is and is not afraid to express herself. Readers are invited to travel with Sarah through the wonders of her imagination as she learns what it is like to create her own dreams.