Philips Respironics is showcasing its range of sleep and respiratory disease management solutions at the European Respiratory Society (ERS) International Congress in Munich from September 6 to 10.

At the ERS International Congress, Philips is exhibiting sleep and respiratory innovations that span the continuum of care, helping healthcare professionals diagnose, titrate, treat, and manage these disorders.

“It is becoming increasingly important for healthcare professionals to have access to comprehensive solutions that enable them to monitor patient progress across the entire continuum of care,” says Teofilo Lee-Chiong, MD, chief medical liaison, Philips Healthcare, in a release. “Philips understands the complex needs of both patients with sleep and breathing issues and their care providers.”

“In a changing healthcare environment, physicians are finding it increasingly challenging to efficiently and cost-effectively diagnose and manage patients with complex sleep conditions,” says Yann Goiot, vice president market group leader HHS, Healthcare EMEA. “With a complete, connected suite of sleep diagnostic and therapy products, Philips is serving the needs of healthcare professionals with efficient end-to-end innovations that identify, treat, and manage sleep-disordered breathing while increasing compliance and adherence to therapy.”

  • The new Alice NightOne home sleep testing system features an intuitive design and easy-to use “smart guide” that enables patients to confidently set up the device on their own. The data display provides physicians with reliable information to differentiate between obstructive, central, and positional sleep apnea.
  • Actiwatch Solutions help physicians gain insight into real-world sleep/wake and daytime activity. Philips’ actigraphy devices collect data for a variety of applications in sleep medicine, circadian rhythm disorder, and daytime activity research.
  • OmniLab Advanced+multi mode titration system is a full-featured, enhanced, robust titration system that reliably monitors sleep and incorporates nine therapy modes, the most of any titration system on the market.
  • Philips therapy devices and new PAP masks are designed to improve treatment efficacy, as well as patient comfort and satisfaction, which can bolster patient compliance. Part of a range of therapy options for treating obstructive sleep apneas and more complex breathing disorders, Philips BiPAP AutoSV Advanced System One device efficiently treats patients suffering from mixed apnea, compSAS, or central sleep apnea with/without periodic breathing, such as Cheyne-Stokes respiration.
  • EncoreAnywhere, a web-based patient management system, makes treating patients with sleep-disordered breathing and respiratory insufficiency easier and more efficient by providing physicians and home care providers with access to the latest patient information anytime, anywhere.
  • Philips’ new PAP mask line includes a nasal mask, full-face mask, and minimal-contact mask, which provides options to suit a patient’s individual needs, leading to greater adoption of therapy and better long-term adherence.
  • Nuance and Nuance Pro deliver better performance, with a superior seal and less nasal irritation than the leading pillows mask.
  • Amara silicone and gel masks—patients can choose the type of comfort they prefer in their cushion. Both Amara clear silicone and gel masks are smaller and lighter than the leading full face mask, and have 60% fewer parts. The new soft gel cushion conforms to the contours of the face, providing an exceptional seal and comfort.
  • Wisp combines the performance and comfort of a nasal mask with the aesthetics of a pillows mask. Compact and lightweight, Wisp offers a minimal contact experience, a superior seal, and an open field of vision. With insights for better COPD care throughout the show, Philips will highlight key respiratory drug delivery, oxygen therapy, and home ventilation innovations that are improving the management of chronic respiratory diseases. To better understand physician needs in this area, Philips will also conduct a COPD exacerbation prevention survey with willing physicians who visit the Philips booth.

Philips will present a number of clinical updates and case studies during the show as well as video diaries that tell the stories of patients and physicians, highlighting Philips’ vision for the future of healthcare.