Nihon Kohden introduced the PSG-1100 Polysomnography System, technology that brings together ease of connectivity, recording power, Nihon Kohden sensor technology, and high quality electronics.

“There have been significant changes in the role of polysomnography in sleep medicine; the PSG-1100 system brings technology that helps the clinician diagnose patients with complex sleep disorders and co-morbidities,” said Mark Rizk, sleep diagnostics global business manager at Nihon Kohden.

The development of the PSG-1100 focused on including additional dedicated channels for PSG montages such as EOG, chin, and ECG, allowing the clinician to record complete EEG montages integrated with the PSG montages. Also included are three channels of dedicated ECG and a dedicated reference to allow for accurate Holter level ECG analysis. Nihon Kohden also continues its legacy of sensor development with the introduction of the TG-970 second generation mainstream EtCO2 sensor. This new technology makes even smaller EtCO2 monitoring.

With 42 AC, 10 DC channels with 16 bipolar inputs, built-in EtCO2 and SpO2 and IP connectivity, the system demonstrates unrivaled value in the industry, according to the company.