BRAEBON Medical Corp has made available in North America its DentiTrac system for oral appliance compliance measurement.

Developed by BRAEBON during the past few years, the DentiTrac system is a micro-recorder and web portal combination designed to measure oral appliance wearing time for the treatment of sleep apnea. DentiTrac is an integrated personal micro-recorder embedded inside an oral appliance that gathers detailed information to assess when a patient is wearing the appliance. The information is then uploaded through a base station to the BRAEBON cloud portal where dental and medical specialists can review their patient information and assess sleep apnea therapy adherence.

“Accurate oral appliance compliance measurement is needed to level the playing field with traditional sleep apnea treatment called CPAP,” said Dr Richard Bonato, CEO and co-founder. “In addition, the ability to reliably measure sleep apnea treatment adherence is a vital requirement for insurance payers. We anticipate this will contribute to significant overall growth in the burgeoning field of dental sleep medicine and the use of oral appliance therapy for sleep apnea. The DentiTrac is the final realization of our Test Treat Trac strategy, which empowers clinicians across multiple disciplines to efficiently and collaboratively work together to more effectively manage the sleep apnea patient.”

Donald Bradley, CTO and co-founder, elaborated on the challenges of developing a device to measure compliance. According to Bradley, “The challenge was to develop a measurement technology which could not be easily deceived. This was vital because new US Federal DOT legislation will impact everyone in the transportation industry including all truck drivers, pilots, bus drivers, etc. We had to invent a novel and powerful solution, which we’ve secured with IP patent protection. The level of product sophistication connected with our cloud portal is beyond anything we’ve done before.”