Neurotechnology startup Rythm announced the official launch of “Dreem,” which it says monitors, analyzes, and acts on your brain to enhance your sleep.The headband monitors brain activity and uses auditory stimulation as a medium to help fall asleep faster, get deeper sleep, and wake up refreshed. It available for pre-order at

“Rythm started with one single idea—to monitor and influence brain activity based on auditory stimulation to enhance sleep quality,” says Hugo Mercier, CEO and co-founder at Rythm, in a release. “Now after our successful beta program, we have validated the science and learned from more than 500 users on what the headband can do. The launch of Dreem is a breakthrough moment and we are thrilled to get our product to consumers so they can get on the path to better sleep.”

The Dreem Headband

Using dry polymer EEG electrodes, Dreem monitors brain activity during sleep and independently analyzes it on an internal CPU. The front of the device incorporates a bone-conduction technology, which emits subtle, precise sounds directly into your inner ear to improve sleep. This way you can hear the sounds without the hassle of using headphones while you’re sleeping. Beyond enhancing brain activity to boost deep sleep, Dreem provides in-depth analyses of users’ sleep patterns, providing tangible suggestions on how they can improve their sleep.

Dreem was designed in collaboration with fuseproject, a design studio led by designer Yves Behar. Through hundreds of iterations, the final Dreem design keeps the internals on the top of the head where there is no pressure during sleep, and the sensors lie in the flexible fabric band that comfortably wraps around the head.

Aesthetically, Dreem is designed to feel like loungewear. The fabric comes in soft, neutral colors, looking more like apparel than traditional wearable tech, and is removable for easy cleaning. It also includes a touchbar on the headband so the user doesn’t need to turn their phone on if they are already in bed, although all the device’s settings can be changed in the app.

Rythm also announced that it has raised a total of $22 million from billionaire French entrepreneur Xavier Niel, entrepreneur and biotech investor Dr. Laurent Alexandre, and one of the French insurance leader— MAIF.

Dreem costs $499/499€. Those who order in the first 30 days will receive an early bird price of $399/€399 with shipping included until July 15. The products will ship to customers in the fall.