Elemind, an artificial intelligence (AI)-enhanced neurotech health company, closed a $12 million seed funding round to advance the development of its wearable platform that reads and guides brainwaves to help induce sleep, suppress tremor, and boost memory.

This platform, the brainchild of a team of scientists, doctors, and entrepreneurs, uses neurotechnology to read individual brainwaves and guide them in real time by responding with tailored stimulation. Precision guidance of brainwaves changes behavior in a smarter, more targeted, and natural way than pharmaceuticals, according to a release from the company. 

Elemind calls the approach “electric medicine”—a drug-free, personalized, and adaptive approach that fine-tunes the stimulation based on the body’s response until the desired state is achieved. The company partnered with multiple research institutions, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Imperial College London, Harvard Medical School, and the University of California at Berkeley, to validate the technology and build applications for it.

The team published multiple studies proving the efficacy of the science and technology in peer-reviewed journals including Nature Communications. To date, Elemind’s technology is supported by five clinical trials and several publications in scientific journals. Clinical trials show Elemind’s technology is effective at inducing sleep up to 74% faster, suppressing essential tremor with a significant decrease after only 30 seconds of stimulation, and boosting memory

Clinical trials also demonstrate Elemind is effective at increasing pain thresholds and enhancing sedation; this study is currently in peer review. 

“Chemical drugs affect the entire body, often leading to unwanted side effects. Elemind offers a non-chemical, direct, and on-demand solution that learns and dynamically adjusts to each person,” says Meredith Perry, CEO and co-founder of Elemind, in a release. “We’re the first and only company able to precisely guide and redirect brainwaves in real-time.”

The company’s seed round boasts numerous entrepreneurs, business leaders, and funds:

  • Village Global was the first investor in the company. Village is an early-stage venture fund backed by Jeff Bezos, Reid Hoffman, Bill Gates, and Ann Wojcicki, among others.
  • LDV Partners, a global deep-tech and life sciences fund, also invested. LDV Partner Qing Zhang, MD, an investor and entrepreneur, and a Harvard-trained medical doctor, has taken a seat on Elemind’s board.
  • Other funds participating in the round included Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s investment fund, E14 Fund, Wharton’s Alumni Angel fund, Embark Ventures, as well as the founders of Skype, Nest, Opentable, Broadvision, Boston Scientific, Vital Proteins, and Fab Fit Fun.

“Elemind is revolutionizing neurotechnology,” says Qing Zhang MD, partner at LDV Partners, in a release. “Their innovative design combines cutting-edge technology with thoughtful craftsmanship to help individuals improve their health.”

The Elemind team has been conducting research and developing its technology since 2019. Elemind currently holds three patents covering its core signal-processing algorithms and dynamic neurostimulation techniques.

“A new era of transformative neurotechnology is arriving and Elemind is at its forefront,” says  David Wang, PhD, chief technology officer and co-founder of Elemind, in a release. “Elemind broke new ground with an algorithm that allows for instantaneous neuromodulation. Each brain is unique and constantly changing, so we leverage AI and [machine learning] to optimize stimulation parameters to achieve the desired state the fastest. You can think about it like noise cancellation for the mind; our technology uses phase-locking auditory stimuli to align precisely with the user’s brainwaves and steer them to a different frequency associated with a different state.”

Elemind’s first product is a general wellness device and will not be subject to US Food and Drug Administration regulation.

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