A new study ahead of Valentine’s Day unmasked the secret villain sabotaging your romantic rendezvous: sleep deprivation. 

The study, conducted by Rev Insights on behalf of Perfectly Snug, maker of a cooling mattress topper, demonstrates a significant correlation between sleep deprivation and reduced intimacy levels in relationships. This research sheds light on the critical role sleep plays in maintaining not only physical health but also emotional and relational well-being.

Encompassing diverse groups of those with a significant other, the study revealed that for a majority of respondents, insufficient sleep leads to a noticeable decrease in emotional closeness and physical intimacy among couples.

While being too tired is the biggest issue interfering with intimacy, the top disruptors to getting a good night’s sleep, according to participants, were:

1. Stress/anxiety (61% of respondents)
2. Going to the bathroom (47%)
3. Room is too hot or too cold (41%)

Some other fun pillow talks from the research:

  • If you are hoping to “get lucky” on Valentine’s Day, there is some good news. 62% of respondents said that they are “knocking boots” on this special day for lovers.
  • You are most likely going to get lucky on your wedding anniversary (65%) and birthday (57%) and least likely on July 4th, with only 24% experiencing fireworks in the bedroom.
  • Most enjoy sex or cuddling (57%) far more than playing cell phone games in bed (20%)
  • 65% of respondents say that the overall quality of their romantic interludes is either excellent or very good. And 66% say that they are intimate at least once a week.
  • The majority of respondents look forward to hitting the bed at the end of the night and spending time cuddling and catching up with their partner.

In response, Perfectly Snug is launching a campaign titled “Dream Together: Enhance Your Intimacy Through Better Sleep,” aimed at educating the public about the interplay between sleep and intimacy and providing practical tips for improving sleep hygiene.

Photo 107378851 © Vasyl Dolmatov Dreamstime.com