When a sleep apnea patient resides in an area with a power outage (such as those increasingly caused by natural disasters), many have to forgo their positive airway pressure therapy until power is restored by the local utility company, potentially putting their health at risk.

And sleep apnea patients searching for batteries with uninterruptible power supply (UPS) capability most commonly only find systems designed for computers. The computer UPS units kick in to prevent data loss only and so only last about 20 minutes (they also use muffin fans that are loud enough to disrupt sleep).

Now Zopec Medical LLC has designed batteries specifically for CPAP and BiPAP devices, including those for patients who use extra power due to heated humidifiers and/or heated tubing. Zopec’s batteries, with UPS capability, are guaranteed to last at least 8 hours, and they are available in a professional series with UPS protection for power outages and a portable series that is compact for travel.

“The CPAP batteries on the market either did not have UPS capability or only lasted 2 to 3 hours. I saw the need, so I created Zopec Explore CPAP UPS Backup batteries,” says owner, CEO, and battery designer Strong Huang. “We offer 3 models that can support various heated humidifier and heated tube settings: EXPLORE 5500, EXPLORE 8000, and EXPLORE Oxygen.”