CPAP sanitizing device company SoClean has retained Havas Edge to roll out a national TV and radio campaign to drive sales and elevate awareness of sleep disorders like obstructive sleep apnea.

SoClean is committed to educating the public about the symptoms, prevalence, and health risks associated with sleep apnea and has retained a medical expert as spokesperson to be featured in upcoming campaigns. Havas Edge will take a performance marketing approach to drive product sales and awareness of the SoClean brand.

“Havas Edge has assembled an experienced team that is aligned with the goals SoClean has both domestically and abroad,” says Dalton Mangin, VP business development at Havas Edge, in a release. “SoClean’s success story is inspiring and we are grateful for the opportunity and trust Michael Schmidt has in our marketing strategies focused on building the SoClean business and brand.”

Havas Edge has worked with brands such as VistaPrint, LifeLock, and Plated. The partnership will blend offline and online consumer engagement with the brand to carefully target populations at high risk for sleep apnea and connect them to medical experts to get diagnosed and treated with products that are safe and effective.

Dean Marcarelli, chief marketing officer of SoClean, says, “We are passionate about getting our brand in front of a larger audience. We know that Havas Edge delivers exceptional results and will spread our message nationally and drive sales globally with superior brand engagement experience in TV and radio. The key to engaging an audience and have them stay loyal to a brand is to have a very efficient marketing mix of offline and online messaging. The ability to continually adjust and manage campaigns is a direct function of the precise measurability of DRTV and digital mediums.”