Huneo, a biomedical data analytics company, announces the general availability of its SnoreCoach device. SnoreCoach was initially previewed in 2016 in a $200,000-funded Kickstarter campaign where several hundred pre-production units were shipped to 29 countries around the world. Huneo has finalized manufacturing and supply chain details and the SnoreCoach is now available for purchase by the public.

SnoreCoach is a sleep position coaching device that works hand-in-hand with Huneo’s SnoreTrack app. SnoreTrack runs on Apple iOS and Android and employs algorithms to filter snoring sounds from other noise; tracks and records each individual snore; and further analyzes snore sounds for patterns often associated with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). SnoreTrack then generates user-friendly reports and trends on sleep quality and snoring. SnoreCoach is used in conjunction with SnoreTrack to track sleep position and provide a gentle buzz if the user is both snoring and sleeping on his or her back.

“Many of our early adopters and beta users are positional snorers, and SnoreCoach has reduced their snoring time significantly (from 22% to 4% of the total sleep time),” says Alex Zheng, chief technical officer of Huneo, in a release.

SnoreTrack was conceptualized while Huneo was capturing and analyzing tens of thousands of in-lab overnight sleep studies. Specific sounds were found to be highly correlated with snoring and OSA. Huneo worked extensively over many years with sleep medicine specialists, including Jed Black, MD, at Stanford University’s Center for Sleep Science and Medicine, to refine the comprehensive algorithms that drive the SnoreTrack and SnoreCoach systems.

“SnoreTrack and SnoreCoach are unique in that they provide both detailed information about sleep, as well as a non-intrusive solution to improve sleep quality,” says Phil Ryder, CEO of Huneo, in a release. “SnoreCoach can effectively take place of a sleep partner’s nudge, causing the snorer to turn over, stop snoring, and sleep more soundly.”

SnoreCoach is now available for $98.00. The SnoreTrack app is available free of charge in the iOS and Google Play App Store.