business transactionSleep Nation Inc, a national provider of CPAP, purchased the CPAP business of five durable medical equipment (DME) providers. Sleep Nation, through its wholly owned subsidiary, CPAP Care Club, is executing on the opportunity to grow in the expanding sleep apnea market through acquisitions.

“The uncertainties in the industry due to Medicare’s competitive bidding process, higher regulation requirements, and the desire for DMEs to move to higher reimbursing therapies have led many DMEs to look for new ways to finance their companies,” said Rich Roberts, CEO of Sleep Nation. “Since our company only focuses on sleep apnea solutions, we are well suited to handle changes that are rapidly taking place in the industry.”

Sleep Nation Inc specializes in patient care for sleep apnea. The company provides patient mail order services to thousands of CPAP patients throughout the United States for their replacement supplies through its national call center. Sleep Nation, through its wholly owned subsidiary, CPAP Care Club LLC, is one of the few national companies that is licensed in all required states and has managed care contracts covering all 50 states.

“We have a lower cost method of delivery that is really convenient and easy for the patient to use. We contact the patient to see if they are out of CPAP supplies, take over the medical paperwork requirements, file with the patient’s insurance, and deliver the product to their door,” said Roberts. “With dire predictions of potentially 40% of DMEs going out of business due to competitive bidding and a large, growing patient population, we are in an ideal spot to help people who have this serious medical condition.”