President Joe Biden has started using a CPAP machine to treat his sleep apnea, according to news reported by Bloomberg

During President Biden’s departure from the White House to give an economic address in Chicago on Wednesday, visible strap marks from the CPAP machine were observed on his face. These marks were also noticed during an event at the White House on Monday, where the president, 80, outlined plans to invest nearly $42.5 billion in expanding high-speed internet networks, according to Bloomberg.

Gilles Frydman, executive director at American Sleep Apnea Association, says in a post on LinkedIn that the marks are likely because the president hasn’t yet found the optimal mask and/or setup, “something almost all new users of a CPAP machine experience.” 

Frydman asserts in a subsequent post that the news of President Biden’s CPAP usage should be seen as a proactive approach to his health, rather than an indicator of aging.

“Many of the articles about President Biden (sic) recent use of a CPAP machine are presenting the fact as a negative, one sign he is aging. They are WRONG. In fact it proves he is being proactive about treating a sleep disorder known to have potentially very negative impact[s] on a range of biological systems,” reads the post. “They should all use the opportunity to raise awareness about a condition that has no cure but has proven treatments that can help avoid cardiovascular issues and many cognitive problems associated with non-treated sleep apnea.”

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