Positive airway pressure (PAP), commonly referred to as CPAP (which more accurately refers to the subset of “continuous” PAP devices), is the gold standard treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. PAP therapy administers continuous air under positive pressure through the nose, mouth, or both, to prevent the collapse of the upper airway during sleep. There are a number interfaces available to administer PAP therapy, including full face masks, nasal pillows, and nasal masks. Selection of an appropriate PAP therapy interface is informed by a patient’s anatomy, preferences as well as other factors. This guide compares CPAP masks on parameters including warranty, available sizes, intentional leak, pressure range, and headgear.

Company3B Medical IncAG IndustriesAirAvant MedicalAirway
Management Inc
CircadianceDrive DeVilbiss
Fisher & Paykel
Fisher & Paykel
Hans Rudolph Inc
Hans Rudolph Inc
ResMedSomnera IncSunset Healthcare
InterfaceRio II Nasal Pillow
Reveal Direct Nasal
Interface Mask
Bongo Rx
Reusable EPAP
Nasal Pillow Mask
SleepWeaver Prevent
PAP/Filter Mask
NasalFit Deluxe EZ
Evora Nasal
Vitera Full Face CPAP Mask7600 V2 Full Face
6860 Quest Full Face
Philips DreamWear:
Headgear with Arms
AirFit N30Somnera System
Adjustable Deluxe
Warranty (Months)3633 (patient compliance guarantee)03336 (includes size
6 (includes size
Available SizesS, M, LS, M, LS, M, L, XL in all sizes
starter kit
S, M, L nasal pillows
Regular, LS, M, LS, M, L, WideS, M, LP, XS, S, M, LP, XS, S, M, LOne-size headgear.
Cushions: S, M, L,
M-wide. Precise Fit
options available.
S, M, S-wideS, M, LS, M, L
Latex-freeYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesNot made with natural rubber latexYes
Intentional Leak
@ 10 cm H2
0 (l/min)
32Info not availableN/A3032Info not available 2836N/AN/A2633N/A (not needed)25
Fitting Support
Fitting instruction
insert included with
Headgear allows
alternate position of
tubing. Eliminates
torque on mask.
Includes step-by-step fitting instructions.Patient and clinician fitting guide included;
fitting video on
mytappap.com (DVD available).
Fitting instructions
included in packaging
and support videos provided at circadiance.com/
Sizing template on
Sizing guide and myMask app.Sizing guide and myMask app.Call or email HRI
for pictorial fitting
Call or email HRI
for pictorial fitting
Quick start guide attached to each mask. Full instructions in OS and support tools
in DreamMapper.
Philips Respironics
Mask Selector tool
reduces burden of
lengthy mask fitting
process and delivers
a personalized mask
recommendation; 2D
version allows for
remote fitting.
Fitting template
included in packaging; ResMed
MaskSelector digital health tool.
SleepBridge Support Program. Free option for scheduled sessions with live sleep coach.Instruction sheet and optional size guide.
Pressure Range
(cm H2
4 -204 -20N/A4-184-203-204-254-303-403-40Tested up to 304-204-204-20
CleaningClean with mild soap
and water.
Detach headgear.
Hand wash gently
with mild detergent
or warm water. Rinse
the mask and components thoroughly. Air dry.
Clean with mild soap and water.
(Instructions included.)
After each use, rinse the mouthpiece in
cold water and wipe the pillows’ outer portion with a damp
cloth. Weekly, disassemble and soak parts for no longer than 10 minutes in
cold water and mild liquid soap. Remove and rinse in cold
water then air dry.
Hand wash CPAP mask and headgear daily with a mild,
nonabrasive soap in warm water. Air dry
out of direct sunlight. The KN95 Mask Filter
is to be replaced
daily (with recommended disposal in biohazard container).
Circadiance provides
replacement KN95 Filters for the interface.
Hand wash gently
with mild soap and
warm water.
Clean with soap in lukewarm water; high level disinfection
guide available.
Clean with soap in
lukewarm water; high
level disinfection guide available.
Mask, swivel dishwasher safe. Can hand-clean headgear. V2: steam autoclaved, liquid chemical, hot water pasteurized in a hospital setting.Hand wash gently
with mild soap and
warm water.
Hand wash in warm
water with a mild
liquid dish washing
detergent. Rinse
thoroughly. Air dry.
Lay fabric parts flat or
line dry.
Wash cushion daily; wash headgear and frame weekly. Soak
all components in warm water with mild liquid detergent and hand wash with a
soft bristle. Rinse and
air dry.
Disassemble and
clean pillow, valve,
and headgear daily in warm water with mild liquid detergent. Hand
wash components with fingers or a soft brush. Rinse components
completely under
running water. Leave components to air dry out of direct sunlight.
Wipe mask and cushion daily using a CPAP cleaning wipe or hand
wash with a mild
soap and warm water. Hand wash headgear weekly in a mild detergent and warm water. Rinse, lay flat
to air dry, keeping out of direct sunlight.
HeadgearSoft 1-piece headgear with adjustable
Designed with breathable fabric. Optional strap holds tubing over the head.Optional headgear
accessory comes with
the device.
Headgear is available
for the myTAP PAP Nasal Pillow Mask. However, the mask does stay in place
without straps.
Soft fabric adjustable headgear in two
Adjustable lightweight
Minimal, one-size headgear. CapFit
headgear for a simple
and intuitive fit.
Features Dynamic
Support technology.
The RollFit XT seal allows the mask to
dynamically adapt during the night.
Simple strap foam
headgear with side
adjustments and top of the head tri-glide adjustment.
Simple strap foam
headgear with side
adjustments and top of the head tri-glide adjustment.
All fabric, no slip
headgear with magnetic clips. Upgraded
to give additional
staying power, with
slip-resistant design.
QuickFit elastic
designed to make
mask easy to fit right
out of the package.
Adjustable universal headgear for right or left-handed tightening. Keyed for correct assembly.Soft fabric adjustable
InterfaceThe Rio II allows the
angle of the pillows
reservoir to be adjusted to a more customsized fit. The floating ball-and-socket elbow
adapts to active
sleepers and allows
for various sleeping
positions. Headgear
comes standard and
in an all sizes kit.
Standard 22 mm
universal connection.
Quick release floating elbow, designed
with a 360° rotation,
allows the extended
silicone tube to be positioned over the head or straight down.
Flexible for restless
FDA cleared, prescription device for treating
mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea.
No machine, hoses,
or power required, as
it uses the patient’s
own exhalation to
generate EPAP (expiratory positive airway
Strapless nasal pillow mask intended for
individuals who have been diagnosed as
requiring CPAP or bilevel ventilator treatment. MyTAP PAP is
intended for single patient adult use in the home, hospital, or other clinical setting.
SleepWeaver Prevent, which uses an integrated KN95 Mask to filter exhaled air,
provides an additional
level of isolation for CPAP/NIV patients with known or suspected respiratory infections.
Silicone cushion, forehead plate with silicone pad, and a
360° rotational elbow, which are designed to increase comfort, compliance, and
mask stability.
Compact nasal CPAP
mask featuring headgear that fits like a
cap, and a compact
floating seal that sits
comfortably under
the nose.
Full face CPAP mask
designed with stability, adaptability, and breathability
One piece of molded silicone. No painful forehead support. No hard plastic frame. Goes below the chin
to the top of the nose.
One piece of molded thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). No painful forehead support. No hard plastic frame. Goes below the chin
to the top of the nose.
DreamWear technology with tubing located at the top of the head and airflow directed through the frame.A small, quiet and easy-to-use nasal mask designed to
make therapy easier from the start.
Soft silicone holds the mask and headgear in place while conforming to the facial contour.Lightweight mask
available in full face
and nasal, featuring
adjustable T-piece
for extra support,
reduced pressure
points, and enhanced fit with better seal.
Additional FeaturesSmall nasal pillow
with a superior seal
due to its ergonomic
Info not provided. User-friendly option for noncompliant
CPAP patients or a
supplemental option for CPAP users
when traveling. Soft
nasal seals and small
enough to fit in a shirt
No straps or air
leaks. The design
of the myTAP PAP NPM is backed by a Compliance
Guarantee Program.
The device is designed to reduce risks
to healthcare personnel, caregivers, and
visitors. Comfortable
seal on many face types. Compatible
with common CPAP/Bilevel machines.
Adjustable headgear, easy to assemble cushions, and a lightweight streamlined
design help to ensure proper fit and minimal leak during sleep.
Soft-knit fabric helps
to avoid leaving marks on the face, and has laser-drilled
exhaust holes designed to minimize noise and draft.
Breathable fabric.
VentiCool technology
helps to keep patients
cool and comfortable
during sleep.
Detachable swivel
port, airtight seal, new headgear.
Detachable swivel
port, airtight seal.
The Philips Respironics
DreamWear frame
supports full face,
nasal, and gel pillows cushions. DreamWear’s design directs airflow through the frame to the tubing connection located
at the top of the head.
This allows patients
to safely sleep in any
position they desire—
on their stomach, side
or back.
Features a curved
nasal cradle cushion
that rests discreetly
under the nose. QuickFit elastic headgear slips on and off like a pair of swim goggles.
Wide-open field
of vision design.
SmartValve technology allows therapy with 75% less airflow.
Rotating connector
on valve provides
freedom of movement
with light, small hose. No intentional leaks.
Available in nasal and nasal pillows.
Ultra lightweight
replaceable silicone
cushions. 360°
dual-swivel elbow
port to allow for free movement while connected to tubing. Quick-release clips for easy mask removal
without resetting the headgear.
Last updated October 2020. A version of this guide published in the October 2020 issue.

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