Bleep LLC, maker of the DreamPort CPAP interface, is now available as a potential solution on SleepGlad’s AI-driven remote mask fitting platform. SleepGlad allows patients to take a “selfie” and will automatically scan the contours of their face and identify the best fitting PAP solutions. The solution is manufacturer neutral, meaning providers can customize preferences including incorporating a list of manufacturers without being bound to one manufacturer’s product.

Virtual PAP mask fitting has improved supply chain optimization for PAP set-up both for in-home and in-office visits. Physicians and respiratory technicians are turning to AI technologies like SleepGlad to ensure that PAP patients have a good fit out of the box,” says David Baxter, president of SleepGlad, in a release. “Remote setups save valuable time and money for patients, providers and payers and SleepGlad’s technology allows technicians and physicians to ensure that patient’s unique PAP fitting needs are met efficiently.”

Rebecca New, CEO of Bleep, LLC, says in a release, “Approximately 70% of non-compliant CPAP patients stated the top reason for not using their product was improper mask fit or complaints related to headgear. Our Dreamport has no headgear or mask, is non-invasive, and finally offers patients the comfort and health outcomes that they deserve. We are thrilled to be validated by SleepGlad and look forward to helping CPAP users reach their health goals.”