The acquisition of SleepGlad fits into Baxter’s workflow for remote CPAP setups.

By Sree Roy

David Baxter, president of Baxter Management, has a long history in the durable medical equipment/home medical equipment (DME/HME) side of sleep medicine. With the recent acquisition of remote CPAP selection software SleepGlad, sleep physicians and sleep center managers may soon become more familiar with the company and its remote CPAP workflow.

Baxter’s first sleep medicine business was a DME called Medical Necessities & Services, which he purchased in December 1997. “We worked to grow that business to 12 locations across Tennessee and 150+ employees,” Baxter says. “Our primary focus of Medical Necessities was sleep. PAP and PAP resupply made up 65% of our overall business.

After selling that business to AeroCare June 2018, he formed Baxter Management to help manage other organizations he and his team was operating and starting. This includes Sleep Solutions and Services (S3 Resupply), DBs, Muletown Rec, Reliance Mobility (RM Speech), Protech Medical, PipFall, FlightLight, Support Local, Baxter Enterprises, Baxter Capital, and now SleepGlad.

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“We were looking for a solution to partner with our new smart phone app update from Sleep Solutions and Services (S3 Resupply) to make the remote setup process seamless for DME companies,” Baxter says of the SleepGlad acquisition. “This product offering works hand-in-hand with S3 Resupply and the launch of our new smart phone application. Remote setups are the way of the future and S3 Resupply offers a seamless workflow for these setups.”

The cloud-based CPAP mask fitting and initial management platform for medical equipment providers supports CPAP interfaces made by Philips, ResMed, Fisher & Paykel, and 3B Medical.

“Our focus for first quarter 2021 is to onboard several DME organizations and have them start using the software,” Baxter says. “Our goal would be to extend the service to sleep labs and sleep MDs second quarter. We are currently working with some physicians to get data that we can present to sleep labs and MDs.”

Sree Roy is editor of Sleep Review.

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