Update 8/29/2021: According to OptumRx, “Unfortunately the information in Pear Therapeutics press release, which has now been removed from their newsroom and is unavailable, was inaccurate and misleading. Somyrst is not on our standard formulary and we did not approve that press release nor any communications about us partnering together.”

Pear Therapeutics Inc’s Somryst, the only FDA-authorized prescription digital therapeutic for the treatment of chronic insomnia, now has formulary availability at OptumRx Inc, as do Pear’s two other commercial products (reSET and reSET-O for substance use). OptumRx will offer and administer standard pharmacy benefit coverage for reSET, reSET-O, and Somryst for members who choose to add the products to their formularies.

OptumRx manages the prescription drug benefits of commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, and other government health plans, as well as those of employers and unions. This formulary availability makes it possible for organizations to opt-in to coverage.

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“We are pleased to team with OptumRx and their customers to provide patients with access to innovative, FDA-authorized PDTs [prescription digital therapeutics],” says Julia Strandberg, chief commercial officer of Pear Therapeutics, in a release. “PDTs are designed to offer patients safe and effective treatments via their mobile devices when and where they need it most. Pear continues to expand access to PDTs by adding reSET, reSET-O, and Somryst to formularies across the United States.”