The Better Sleep Council held a national survey in honor of Better Sleep Month, which takes place in May. According to the survey, respondents who got nine hours of sleep or more were much more likely to engage in high intensity workouts. This includes biking, running, and/or weightlifting.

“Sleep deprivation impacts us physically, which can negatively affect our coordination, agility, mood, and energy,” says Bert Jacobson, PhD, professor and head of the School of Educational Studies at Oklahoma State University. “Research shows that sleeping better and longer leads to improvements in athletic performance.”

The Better Sleep Council clarifies that 1 extra hour of sleep a night will not lead to better performance: “Getting a better night’s sleep is about making a larger investment in sleep overall, including taking a closer look at your sleep surface and surroundings,” says Jacobson.

The study also found that respondents sleeping on a newer mattress are significantly more likely to engage in physical activities than those who sleep on an older mattress.