A person’s sleep position can contribute to a number of health problems, ranging from aches and pains to sleep apnea. Yahoo News reports that the “log roller” position could help elevate back and neck pain.

“Everyone sleeps differently but if you subconsciously fall into the incorrect sleeping position, neck, back and other muscle problems may become exacerbated,” explains Oliver Elliot, sleep expert at Nectar Sleep.

Being able to adapt your body to sleep in a new position could actually be the secret to improving your sleep, or you could also try modifying your favorite sleep position to make sure you’re getting the most out of it.

In order to pull off the log roller, the sleeper must rest on their side with their legs extended straight and has their arms in place. “With your arms neatly at your side – in line with your body – the log roller can be great for easing back and neck pain as you keep both in proper alignment,” Elliot explains.

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