Romper goes over the pros and cons of swaddling babies at night. 

Swaddling a newborn in blanket has been thought to be a tool to help calm babies and get them to sleep longer. But according to the Contemporary Pediatrics guide, Swaddling 101, published by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), many babies can stay calm with no swaddling at all. The guide however, suggested that fussier babies can be calmed with the help of a swaddle.

According to an AAP news report, some child care facilities have banned infant swaddling, while others still utilize it. The report noted that some doctors discourage swaddling because they believe it can lead to overheating, difficulty breathing, or hip mobility issues, but all doctors discourage swaddling a baby after the age of 2 months, or when they start rolling over, because that’s when the practice can become dangerous.

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