The mattress company Sleep Number recently released the My Daytime Alertness app, which offers health and wellness insights.

My Daytime Alertness was inspired by the Karolinska sleepiness scale, a measure of self-reported sleepiness and alertness. The new feature provides advanced, real-time insights that pair each sleeper’s personal sleep data with self-reported information and sleep science, according to a press release.

After waking up, each sleeper indicates how alert they feel using a sliding scale. From there, the response is paired with their sleep data and sleep science facts to provide a personalized tip for how to attain better quality sleep. The feature comes on all new Sleep Number 360 smart beds; current 360 smart bed sleepers can now use My Daytime Alertness via an over-the-air update.

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Sleep Number’s 360 smart beds automatically collect and analyze billions of data points from sleepers who use the beds every night.

“Guided by our resolute belief in the life-changing impact of quality sleep, and propelled by years of deliberate investments in sleep health innovations, our 360 smart beds continue to deliver increasing value to all of our smart bed sleepers,” Shelly Ibach, president and CEO, Sleep Number, says in a statement “We are excited to offer this latest feature to connect quality sleep to daytime alertness as part of your individualized digital health insights.”