Lifestyle brand Bedgear announces its latest partnership with the Boston Celtics as the team’s Official Performance Sleep System Partner. Maximizing recovery time is a shared value between Bedgear and the Celtics, and this partnership aims to elevate the conversation, emphasizing the importance of personalized fit on improving sleep environment and creating the ability to achieve more—both on and off the court. The announcement comes soon before the Celtics NBA London Game at The O2 Arena on  January 11, 2018, when sleep and recovery will be top-of-mind for the team and staff, to compensate for the change in time zone and travel disruption to the players’ usual regimen.

At a launch event in November at the Celtics Practice Facility, Bedgear professionally fit members of the Celtics, in addition to the team’s coaches and trainers, with a personalized Performance Sleep System. The layers of the complete Sleep System include mattresses and pillows, based on each player’s sleep position, body frame and temperature, along with the brand’s new Ver-Tex cool-touch sheets, blankets, and mattress protectors, to build the optimal sleep micro-climate for individual comfort.

To help the players offset the negative effects jetlag can have on sleep quality, resulting in the deterioration of focus and muscle response time, Bedgear has recommended that the Celtics bring their Performance Pillows that team members were professionally fit for, along with their other must-have performance gear to London.

The Celtics players will also debut Bedgear’s new Performance Neck Pillow onboard their flight to London, enabling them to have the best alignment to enhance their rest while traveling. The design includes an adjustable strap for a secure fit to each individual’s head, neck, and shoulders, as well vertical extensions that cover and contours to the ears, providing noise-reduction. These neck pillows feature Bedgear’s patented Air-X fabric technology along the exterior side panels, enhancing air flow for temperature regulation. Built with Bedgear’s Boost cushioning technology, these pillows provide a supportive and breathable fill that conforms to any shape.

“The Celtics are always looking for a competitive advantage and our partnership with Bedgear will help improve player performance through improved, sleep, rest and recovery,” says Rich Gotham, Boston Celtics team president, in a release.

Eugene Alletto, CEO of Bedgear, says, “As CEO of BEDGEAR, I’m constantly on the go, traveling both domestically and internationally, so I recognized first-hand the struggles of a rapidly changing schedule and the profound effect it can have on your sleep and alertness. This, coupled with foreign sleep environments with new noises, sleep surfaces, and temperatures can make it even more difficult to get the rest and recovery you need to perform during the day. Boston matters to Bedgear and we’re proud to assist the Celtics in their upcoming London game by providing them with the best Performance Sleep Systems prior— helping them build their sleep reserves—and by traveling with them to London, to ensure they have the best equipment with them to achieve success.”

Bedgear first entered Boston in 2009 with local specialty home furnishings retailers, Bernie & Phyl’s, Cardi’s and now Raymour & Flanigan. In 2016, Bedgear became the Official Performance Bedding Partner of the Boston Red Sox, where they built out the players’ sleep room at Fenway Stadium and brought the story of the behind-the-scenes life and training of a professional athlete closer to the fans. Bedgear will continue to support Boston through a variety of events throughout the city during the balance of this Celtics season and beyond, to bring awareness of the activity of sleep to youth and families.

Sleep regimens have always been an important piece of the Celtics’ training program and recently, new Celtics head athletic trainer Art Horne has been working alongside the coaches and players to integrate sleep advice into the team’s training.