Michael Breus, PhD, has launched Sleep Success, a podcast helping people get better sleep by educating them on the latest science, guidance, and best practices.

Breus—a board-certified sleep specialist and sleep coach with more than 20 years of experience coaching CEOs, celebrities, athletes, and other clients to better sleep—will educate listeners on sleep and interview high-profile guests whose success depends on it. Guests confirmed so far include Paris Hilton, Ariana Huffington, NASA astronaut Michael López-Alegría, Steve Aoki, Dr. Oz, Kevin Love, and Montel Williams.

“We’re living through stressful and uncertain times, and many of us are quite literally faced with sleepless nights that lead to a host of other serious health issues,” says Breus, author of The Power of When, The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan, and Beauty Sleep, in a release. “Sleep Success is a continuation of my mission to help people all over the world overcome one of the most frustrating and unforgiving challenges we each face: the challenge of getting a good night’s rest. We are going to learn what everyone does and adopt what works for my listeners!”

A diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine, Breus is a self-taught psychologist who passed the sleep specialty board without having gone to medical school.

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On each episode, Sleep Success will walk the audience through the latest sleep news and research, a guest will come on and discuss their “Sleep Story” about how sleep has impacted their success, and, finally, there will be a “mailbag” where Breus answers audience-submitted questions.

Breus has partnered with global podcast company Acast to host, distribute, and monetize the series.

Rebecca Steinberg, content development manager at Acast, says in a release, “Sleep is on everyone’s mind. For many of us—those with anxiety, with restless children, or with quarantine fatigue—it’s ever elusive. When Acast had the opportunity to partner with Dr Breus, a world-renowned sleep expert, and offer listeners this podcast, we jumped at the chance. On the podcast, Dr. Breus makes the topic of sleep engaging through expert storytelling and fascinating interviews. Listening to Sleep Success is like having your own personal sleep coach in your ear.”

Sleep Success is produced by Emmy-award winning producer Michael Mandt. It will debut with three episodes on August 5, 2020 and will publish weekly thereafter on Wednesdays.