Sleep960 (Signature Sleep Services) and ZWare Inc have integrated two of their software applications, SleepScreener and ZConvert, to increase the identification of at-risk sleep patients and increase the efficiency of the insurance authorization process. The integration now allows information to automatically flow between the applications, thereby eliminating redundant data entry and reducing staff workload.

SleepScreener starts the intake process with a questionnaire to begin a sleep profile for patients. The program can be accessed via application or website. Designated health care professionals are then alerted of any at-risk patients, and from there, they can view their sleep profile report and submit an electronic referral to any facility licensed to use the application.

ZConvert continues the intake process by automatically importing the patient’s demographic and insurance information, questionnaire results, and comorbidities directly from SleepScreener, eliminating manual re-entry. The patient’s insurance is then automatically verified and their insurer’s sleep study preauthorization form can be auto populated. A preauthorization status window tracks all the activity for each preauthorization, increasing the efficiency of the entire process.

“SleepScreener can statistically track a number of parameters and link together health care providers, dentists, sleep labs, and DME companies,” said Craig Wilson, CEO of ZWare. “Furthermore, ZConvert has the ability to send out electronic notifications, schedule appointments, and graphically display the patient’s progress throughout the process.”

“These applications deal directly with the two biggest problems of any sleep center, which are getting more patient referrals and obtaining approval for payment from insurers,” said Michael Clark, vice president of sales and business development for Sleep960.