QualityMetric Inc, Lincoln, RI, now offers a way to quantify and measure the impact of sleep problems on individuals and groups. The MOS Sleep Scale was originally developed in the Medical Outcomes Study (MOS), a 4-year observational study of the health outcomes for chronically ill patients.

The MOS Sleep Scale measures the effects of sleep problems through six dimensions of sleep including:
•    Sleep initiation;
•    Sleep maintenance;
•    Quantity of sleep;
•    Adequacy of sleep;
•    Somnolence; and
•    Respiratory impairments.

QualityMetric distributes two versions of the MOS Sleep Scale: a 12-question version and a 6-question version. The 12-question version is available in 85 language translations, and the 6-question version is available in 61 language translations. The forms have a standard 4-week recall period.