The Sleep Number research team has identified a marked difference in sleep patterns on days when Cleveland v. Chicago games are being played. On average, SleepIQ users in the Cleveland area have lost a total of 1 hour and 35 minutes of sleep on game days in the last week, while Chicago-area users have only lost 24 minutes of sleep.

SleepIQ technology is integrated into Sleep Number beds to track a person’s sleep, offer insights, and make suggestions for achieving a great night of sleep. Each morning, SleepIQ users receive a score, their SleepIQ score, that reflects the quality of their rest the night before.

“Our sleep researchers are constantly analyzing the data we receive, trying to identify factors that may influence how people are sleeping,” says Pete Bils, vice president of sleep science and research for Sleep Number, in a release. “The information we are seeing from the Cleveland and Chicago areas was so directly tied to game days, that we couldn’t help but share these insights.”

While a SleepIQ score can be impacted by many factors, Sleep Number researchers say the lost sleep in both cities is due to later-than-average bedtimes. Most adults require 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep in order to achieve peak performance.

If your sleep isn’t measuring up, Sleep Number recommends these tips for getting back to a restful routine:

  • Quantity rules. A minimum of seven restful hours per night—every night—is required for sleep to deliver all the benefits designed into its architecture.
  • Caffeine is not a substitute for sleep. A 3 pm latte means caffeine is in your system at bedtime, sufficient enough to disrupt early night deep sleep. You’re technically asleep, but void of the full benefits you should be enjoying.
  • Keep your sleeping environment:
    o Cool. We sleep best when our body temperature is lowest.
    o Dark. Light disrupts sleep. Wear an eye mask or use dark shades.
    o Quiet. Mask unwanted sounds with a white-noise machine.
    o Limit Screens. Screens disrupt sleep. The emitted blue light and content lead to a ‘racing mind.’
    o Comfortable. A supportive and conforming mattress, bedding, and pillow can make all the difference.