Watermark Medical Inc released the WM Secure Sleep Study (WM S3), a product that integrates with the ARES home sleep test to provide “chain of custody” (CoC) validation to support occupational testing of commercial truck drivers in the comfort of their home or cab. The transportation industry’s growing recognition of the liability, cost, and health risk resulting from untreated OSA has caused a call to action to implement more robust screening and testing protocols.

Watermark has aligned the WM S3 with the AASM Standards for Out of Center Sleep Testing Accreditation by requiring users of the WM S3 to have all results interpreted by a board-certified sleep physician. According to a prepared statement from Watermark, “The AASM applauds this requirement as the diagnostic model improves access to the latest medical services for patients with OSA while also ensuring that they receive the highest quality of care from physicians credentialed in sleep medicine.”

According to Charles Alvarez, Watermark president and cofounder, “Our goal is to enable the best possible outcome for the millions of patients with OSA at the lowest cost possible. This resonates with everyone in the value chain from patients to payors to physicians.”