The New Yorker: There are a number of simple ways to improve sleep quality, including purchasing a new mattress, paying attention to your sleep position, and reducing nighttime light exposure.

Warm up for bedtime by practicing your optimal sleep position, whether that’s on your back, side, or stomach. We highly recommend preparing your body to withstand the grueling inactivity that, in some cases, can last all night.

Invest in a mattress that is the correct firmness for you. As you’ll recall from our article in the esteemed sleep-science journal ​Sleep: Everyone Else Finds It So Easy, ​firmness is measured on a scale from one to sixteen thousand. Finding your perfect mattress is a lifelong pursuit. You might even enjoy a water bed! But probably not.

Reduce your nighttime exposure to blue light. It is a powerful force that humans have unleashed into this world and, as of this writing, have no hope of containing. We suggest wearing filtration goggles. After many years of study, we have determined that they come in many fun frames and almost certainly do something.

If you have successfully gone to sleep after looking at screens for three hours, how did you do that and would you be willing to come to our science lab for some tests?

Exercising during the day is a great way to exhaust yourself. But, if you exercise after 7:30 p.m., you may accidentally rev up your system too much.

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