With the launch of a 5 Liter stationary concentrator named the Cirrus 5, 3B Medical has entered the oxygen product space. The Cirrus 5 was carefully designed with performance and reliability in mind including features such as an innovative cooling system to protect the sieve beds and an oxygen purity monitor.

“We are very excited about our newest product introduction,” says Joe Toth, vice president of sales and marketing at 3B Medical, in a release. “The Cirrus 5 will continue to demonstrate our commitment to the homecare market by delivering a high quality product that also delivers a solution to today’s business challenges. Once you remove the back panel and explore the internal design, it is easy to see that it was designed for performance, low maintenance, and will set a new standard for durability,” Toth says.

The Cirrus 5 will be available in April. Pre-orders are being taken now.