MyVytalics has released MySleepInsights, a personal genomics app focusing on genes associated with sleep patterns and nutrition. MyVytalics has developed the app in partnership with Helix, a personal genomics company, and plans to develop more wellness genomic insight applications with a focus on healthy aging.

“We are at a tipping point in our understanding of DNA. We believe this empowering information should be accessible to everyone to help improve their lives,” says Adrian Vilalta, PhD, co-founder of MyVytalics, in a release.

Individuals will be able to select MyVytalics applications on the Helix store. After the purchase of MyVytalics MySleepInsights from Helix’s website, the DNA testing kit arrives in a few days. The saliva sample is sent to Helix’s CLIA and CAP-accredited lab in San Diego, where the DNA is sequenced; the insights are then available after about 8 weeks on a secure portal. The process is faster for existing Helix customers.

“We’re pleased that individuals using our platform will have access to MyVytalics’ deep understanding of the genomics of healthy aging,” says Justin Kao, co-founder and SVP of Helix. “We believe every person can benefit from the opportunity to discover insights into their DNA, and, in particular, how it informs their health decisions.”

“Genes are not destiny. However, knowledge of our genetic risks can help us make better health decisions. Our partnership with Helix will increase the accessibility of affordable, high-quality DNA insights to a great number of people,” said Eric Dec, MD, co-founder of MyVytalics.

Health insights from MyVytalics are not intended as a diagnostic test. The company will provide genomic results to educate its customers about the contribution of DNA to their overall health with a unique focus on wellness in aging.