Online mattress retailer US-Mattress conducted a recent study that found getting up early is not a determining factor of wealth, debunking the old adage that the “early bird gets the worm.”

“Usually people assume that those with higher incomes work harder and get up earlier, but the results show that even low-income earners get up as early as people who earn more,” says Dongna Wang, chief researcher at US-Mattress, in a release. “This is significant because it disproves a widely held misconception relating income and wake-up time.”

Operated through Google Surveys, the study surveyed nearly 500 participants in a wide range of incomes, from those earning less than $24,000 annually to those earning more than $150,000. The results found those who make the least money are as likely to wake up before 7 AM on weekdays as those who make the most money.

Additional results include:

  • 66% of all respondents chose “before 6 AM” or “6 AM to 7 AM” as their wake-up time.
  • A majority of respondents in every income group get up at or before 7 AM.
  • Respondents earning $0-24,000 are the income group least likely to get up after 10 AM.