Sleep Testing Sensors
BRAEBON, Ogdensburg, NY, introduces ValueLine Sensors™. This new family of key sensors was developed to exploit more efficient manufacturing methods resulting in cost reductions that are passed directly on to the end user. Included in the ValueLine™ are: the Piezo Pressure Transducer for Recording Airflow and Snoring; the Thermocouple Airflow Sensor; the Piezo Snore Sensor; the Piezo High Output Effort Sensor; the ValueFlow™ Nasal Cannula (case of 40); and the ValueFlow PLUS™ Nasal/Oral Cannula (case of 22). Each sensor is backed by specific unlimited-use 6- or 12-month customer protection warranties and does not require batteries. The cannulas are one-use-only and are compatible with virtually all pressure transducers. (888) 462-4841;

 Swaddling Blanket
The Amazing Miracle Blanket, Medford, Ore, offers The Miracle Blanket®, or MB. This product combines all the subtle aspects of swaddling that helps babies sleep. It provides an even pressure across the baby’s abdomen and “swaddles” the arms separately, which absorbs perspiration and more effectively creates the familiar and comforting sensations experienced in the womb. The blanket—made of 100% super-soft cotton knit—includes a foot pocket and arm flaps, is easy to wrap, does not unravel, and has no Velcro, buttons, or adjustments to disturb or scratch the baby. (866) 286-6386;

 Chin Strips
Dale Miller Inc dba, the Chin-Up Company, Dacula, Ga, offers consumers US Food and Drug Administration-cleared noninvasive, drug-free snoring relief and a sleep center-proven treatment for dry mouth discomfort for patients on CPAP therapy for sleep apnea. According to the company, one can perform a simple test to determine if the Chin-Up Strips will reduce or eliminate snoring: relax face muscles, close mouth, and inhale through the nose several times. If snoring was not present during the test, the strips may reduce or eliminate snoring by preventing mouth breathing during sleep. The Chin-Up Company does not and never has claimed Chin-Up Strips treat sleep apnea. (888) 835-4563;

 New Headgear, Lower Prices
Hans Rudolph Inc, Kansas City, Mo, produces high-quality full-face and nasal CPAP/bilevel masks that offer durable medical equipment (DME) dealers great margins without any hidden costs, the company says. All of its CPAP masks are now sold at new reduced prices to DME dealers. Among the products offered is the new Vfoam Headgear, which is simple, soft, and available in three sizes for both the full-face and nasal CPAP masks. In addition, Hans Rudolph says its dishwasher-safe, soft silicone rubber CPAP masks are available in more sizes and have more adjustments than other masks on the market. Both masks have optional button-on or stick-on seals for added comfort and leak-free fits, which allows for better patient compliance. (800) 456-6695;

 Management Software
BRAEBON, Ogdensburg, NY, offers a second product from the PURSUIT family of diagnostic and data management systems. Introduced earlier this year, PURSUIT Outcomes™ is a powerful SQL outcomes database that can automatically import data from any PSG system. This software package will virtually eliminate redundant data entry and allow you to schedule, track, query, manage, and report just about everything in your sleep testing facility, BRAEBON says. It will also monitor the treatment side by providing CPAP compliance reports and daily reminders for patient equipment and accessory needs. Other benefits include detailed reporting that will provide critical data to accreditation agencies and insurance providers. Available in single- or multi-site versions, this software package is designed to save staff time and increase operation efficiency. (888) 462-4841;